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Sony NEX-3N review | Engadget

Last year, Sony's peculiar move to beef up its entry-level NEX left us puzzled, and generally unimpressed. The NEX-F3 was a fine mirrorless camera by most accounts, but its larger footprint left us hoping for a next-gen offering more in line with its predecessor, the NEX-C3 -- a tried-and-true shooter that many Engadget staffers still turn to for review photos and trade shows, thanks to its consistent performance and light weight. We were quite relieved, then, to see that this year's device represented a return to the 2011 design, with a few very compelling additions, to boot.

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Zimpaz : Is there a camera similar to this but with a mount for a microphone? Looking to upgrade the camera i use for youtube
JakenBacon : Hey guys do you think this is legit I just payed $200 for this with a 18-55 lens anyone think this is a good deal
G-proxy : This camera is unreal !!
pluviophileATIN : Man...i was so set on buy RX-100...then this comes up...ugh...
Dyah Ayu Permata Sari : is it sony Nex3A have a wifi?

NEX-3N from Sony: Official Video Release

Introducing NEX-3N. Included in its remarkably compact body is a large APS-C image sensor for superb image quality and convenient built-in flash. This all-round performer features simplified operation thanks in part to a 180°tiltable LCD screen — ideal for self-portraits — and a new zoom lever. There is also intelligent Auto Object Framing, a new function that makes it easy for anyone to obtain perfectly composed photos for a wide variety of scenes.
Abdulaziz Alamri : That guy is clearly cheating on the asian girl!
Jomm WarmUp : Thailand
Erik Petruscov : eat my fingernails, this is camera commercial not girls , go porn , com . Looooo Mak .
BatakGemblung : LOL chill bro, which part of my comment you find offensive? just telling the truth..
FYI i'm a Nex user :)

Sergei Lobov : I want it too much...

Sony NEX-3N

Sony NEX-3N (SEL 16-50, SEL 55-210)
Autofocus, Aperture priority

Link to source file without YT compression:

Music by BoCrew (free for non-commercial use).
Rosa strika : I have the same camera and it works great for time lapse! NEX RULEZ! How do you trigger your camera for time-lapse? I use a cool remote that lets you set time between photos:
MillennialScum : How do you get the focus rate to increase? Mine takes forever!
Rusty Stainless : You nailed that helicopter shot - well done. Now enjoying my own 3N after watching this.
Peter P. : WOW Tolle Bilder und Videos
RevoltDynasty : I'm confused - were all these shots taken with the standard lens?




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