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How to connect DStv HD decoder to another TV ,DStv and satellite technician Johannesburg

On this video I will show you how to connect more than one TV on your existing 5s or explora 3 Dstv decoder. Extra point of dstv can connected with a modulator.

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Technomate HDMI Modulator, HDMI over Coax aerial Cable, How to Distribute Sky HD, Sky Q in 1080p My Amazon Page (Modulator with HDMI loop through) (Modulator no loop through)

Quick look, setup and demo to 2 TV's to compare. TV on the left tuned in to the modulator, TV on the right on HDMI.

How to set up RF modulator TERRA MT47

RF modulator used: Instructional video showing how to set the parameters of the modulator TERRA MT47.




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