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2000 Yamaha LS2000 tour

This is a short video tour of my 2000 Yamaha LS2000. This is a very low hour boat. Even though it's 12 years old, it pretty much looks like new. This video shows the original bimini and original Yamaha carpets. I don't see many LS2000's that still have these. The floor of the boat is textured, so you really don't need carpets, but it makes the boat a lot cooler on your feet. The docking marks on the starboard side could probably be polished out, as they're from the rubber dock bumpers on my dock. This boat is for sale as of July 2012. There are 16 hours on the engines as of that date. Price is $8000.

How to Thread Brother LS2000 sewing machine

Please read below

If you have highspeed connection please click 1080P setting for best quality for video

PLEASE SEE Update July 12/2013 - it seems i missed the "thread guide on the needle clamp" see video here

- I am not expert, this is my first sewing machine and I have only used it for maybe 1 hour.

- I don't know if this is the right or wrong way to do this threading procedure but this is how I figured out how to do it.

- This is video of how to thread the top and bottom of the machine. The most confusing part for me was understanding I had to bring up the lower thread when I first got the machine. In this video after I show you how to install the bobbin case I will show how to bring up the lower thread 2 or 3 times from different angles.

- When turning the needle down to bring up the lower thread turn the knob on the side of the machine counter-clockwise. Don't use the pedal, use the knob because the pedal is too fast.

-it might take you a couple of times to understand how to bring up the lower thread as it might not work on the first try or you may get a tangle. Just remove the case and bobbin and free any tangles and try again.

0:50 - how to wind thread on the lower bobbin

3:09 how to thread the top thread

6:43 How to install and remove lower bobbin case , how to open latch

8:32 How to install lower bobbin and thread into bobbin case

13:44 How to bring up the lower thread , multiple angles

this is video of how to thread top and bottom on a ls-2000 brother sewing machine

YAMAHA LS2000 2003model

ヤマハ LS2000 2003年モデル フルメンテナンス艇




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