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Wacom Bamboo CTL-470K Review & Thoughts

Voiceover note: got a cold again and a very blocked nose. Some parts of the audio is a little iffyyy.

Thought id do a quick review of this before I sell it since it still seems to be worth a fair bit. Originally purchased for £70 few years back and now sold for £50. It sold really quick too which suggests its popular or wanted a lot?!?

❤ Etsy ⍟ https://www.etsy.com/shop/AkhixBoutiques
❤ Deviantart ⍟ http://aklimalove.deviantart.com

❤ Music by A Himitsu
⍟ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgFwu-j5-xNJml2FtTrrB3A
Flooavenger : For a game called osu, ctl 470 and 480 are popular since they are the best to play with :)
Zazo Pink : my tablet lines are very very shakey!! drawing a line seems impossible I need help!! is there anything I can do to fix this!! Where do I go! I'm so frustrated
Punk Shot : at the end of the video you were going to say why you think the old bamboo tablets are so popular and then your Brain fell apart and you never really did answer the question except to say that maybe Walcom collectors are interested in the tablet that therefore it drives up the price’ but you really should’ve taken some acid... and thought about it for a while before you touted the benefit of the newer drawing tablet... because your video was pretty good, I guess, but the end was really poor to say the least... and it left me with a feeling that I really Don’t want to watch anymore of your videos, if you have any, because whatever confidence I had in your opinion was completely erased by the inconsistency in the ending comments  … Anyway have a nice day
eduhaposa terciario : are you tokaku
Vandacroft : Saying the pen won't go walkies made me subscribe

Wacom CTL-470 and CTL-480 Comparison

Previous video muted. You're probably watching this because of that video. Thank you Lantis.
Same description applies.

Extra Information: The textures are different. The CTL 480 (Intuos in the video) has a smoother surface texture than the CTL 470 (Black One).
Back of the Intuos features a pen nib removal tool and 3 extra nibs. Blame Goman for not giving you the extra nibs and the removal tool.

Removed useless intro no one cared about
Removed conflicting copyright
Added intro scene
Aden : The CTL/CTH 480 is discontinued , I know a guy selling it for 50 Aud, do you reckon it’s worth it?
ero : Dango dango ,-,
jehezz : Is there any different from the surface of the 470 to 480. Im a drag player and i hope you still answer question!
Jean Rodo : Still waiting on your return

Review: Wacom Bamboo CTH-470 Grafiktablett

Hi, in diesem Video gibt es das Review zum Wacom Bamboo.
Dem Grafiktablett mit dem ich arbeite.
Es macht wirklicht viel Spaß damit zu arbeiten und erfüllt zu 120 % seinen Zweck.
Dazu sieht es auch noch sehr schick aus.
Dank der mitgelieferten Software hat man auch viele Funktionen, die den Workflow erheblich erleichtern.

swantonboy d-.-b : ok danke - hast mir sehr geholfen^^
swantonboy d-.-b : kannst du dann vllt ein video machen? würd ich sehn :D
swantonboy d-.-b : und was zeichnest du? :D
Muroxx : Muss man umbedingt wenn man Zeichen will die Manga-Software dazukaufen, oder ist das nur Optional? Wäre sehr nett wenn du antworten würdest. Danke im voraus.
Unwanted Child : Vielen dank das du dein Tablett dazu geblendet hast. Ich habe einige Videos abgesucht die nur ihren Bildschirm gefilmt haben. :S
Dabei wollte ich eigentlich sehen wie das zeichnen an sich auf dem Tablett aussieht und wie das abläuft. Danke nochmal :)




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